Saturday, January 12, 2008

lazy days

My best subjects while bored around the house are Arts and Crafts, watch a movie or eat some food and spread stuff around.

Usually, mom would tell me to go clean up my pig sty (room) and I'd say yeah. I would go upstairs and sit on my green chair and stare at my room, just thinking what it would look like all clean; then I would start to work and five minutes later I'd get distracted and make a bigger mess.

It's funny that I only clean up when there's company coming. I love it when my room is clean and I hope I can keep it that way but really I just stuffed everything (except clothes) in the big trunk. Now I never want to open the trunk unless I'm going to play with something and put it back when I'm finished.

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John said...

Emily, I am so impressed with you and how you have grown into a beautiful young lady. Take good care of your mom and make sure she has a super fun birthday!!!
take good care